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Dr Roueen Valinouri, holds a double degree in Chiropractic from Murdoch University. Roueen has practiced as a Chiropractor, naturally providing optimal health for individuals by addressing the nervous system and ensuring that a healthy spine is maintained. Within multidisciplinary holistic health clinics, Roueen has refined his expertise in treating spinal and musculoskeletal pain through gentle neurological techniques such as NOT and kinesiology.

Roueen’s main passion in life is to help people achieve their health goals. By better educating his clients, through Chiropractic, Roueen believes that we are able to become happier, healthier, stronger and fitter – thus allowing our inner beauty to shine through.

As a Chiropractor, Roueen’s goal is to provide the best care and guidance and to improve quality of life for his patients. Roueen’s philosophy on life is to live a healthy, happy, active, natural lifestyle and he believes Chiropractic enhances this.

At West Coast Family Chiropractic, he is able to achieve goals with a team who shares the same philosophies and are as equally passionate in providing health and wellness.