What is Egoscue?

The Egoscue Method is a form of postural therapy used to eliminate chronic pain and increase functional mobility. It is acclaimed worldwide for focusing on posture and balance to eliminate chronic pain attributed to our modern lifestyles — repetitive use, commuting, typing, texting, sports injuries, accidents, aging, and more.



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FMS, SFMA & Y Balance

I became intrigued in the FMS, SFMA & Y Balance Test systems while watching a video interview between Dr. Greg Rose of the Titleist Performance Institute and Gray Cook, co-Founder of FMS and SFMA. The information and research behind the systems caught my attention and as a result I attended the FMS and SFMA seminars to obtain a more in depth knowledge. I then completed the Clinical Integration Mentorship for FMS. Everything simply made sense with finding a reproducible method of analyzing movement and using the proper rehabilitation behind it.

I am a Certified FMS Level 1 and SFMA Level 1 Practitioner and passionate about making a real difference for people to improve their movement, both in daily activity, sport and training. The prevention of injury and detection of imbalances and asymmetries is a key component of the screening.

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What is a Selective Functional Movement Assessment?

We begin the SFMA with seven top-tier assessments. These tests are used to determine the breakouts we use to separate pain and dysfunction when possible, and will help identify movement patterns where exercise is indicated or contraindicated.

The SFMA navigates the musculoskeletal assessment when pain is present. It is helpful during the initial patient examination, although some acute problems make it impractical at the outset. Outside of exposing dysfunctional regions that may complicate the examination process, the SFMA offers a unique perspective for corrective exercise in a clinical setting.

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What is Functional Movement Screen?

To put it simply, the FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. By screening these patterns, the FMS can identify functional limitations and asymmetries in the body. These are issues that can reduce the effects of functional training, physical conditioning, and distort body awareness.

The FMS generates a score of 0-21 which is used to target problems and track progress. This scoring system is directly linked to the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns. We monitor the FMS score to track progress and identify those exercises that will be most effective to restore proper movement and build strength in each individual.



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What is the Y Balance Test?

As part of the Functional Movement Systems, the Y Balance Test is a thoroughly researched, easy way to test a person’s risk for injury as well as demonstrate functional symmetry. When the results of the Y Balance test are entered into the Move2Perform software you get your client’s personalized injury risk and peer performance measure according to age, gender, and sport/activity.

Move2Perform is a movement measurement and analysis tool that identifies deficits and risk of injury. Move2Perform products have been studied with overwhelmingly positive results, published in peer reviewed literature, and adopted by the US military and professional sports teams internationally.

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What is Chiropractic?

A health profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and the effects of these disorders on the function of the nervous system and general health. There is an emphasis on manual treatments including spinal adjustment and other joint and soft-tissue manipulation.”  World Federation of Chiropractic

Specialty Low Force Equipment

We use a mix of equipment for low force adjusting and soft tissue mobilisation. This equipment is designed specifically for Chiropractors, promoting specific care  so we can really work the areas of involvement and see results.

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