My Life as a Chiropractor in Sunny Perth, WA

I have been a Chiropractic patient since I was about five years old. My mum attended and I was suffering hay fever so she took me in to have a check up and it helped me. I’ve always held a philosophy of let the body heal itself and the Chiropractic approach makes sense. Keep the nervous system working and the body can function at its optimal capacity.

There are many techniques practiced and certain ones suit people better. I take a musculo-skeletal approach where I like to look at both what muscles may be tight and what bones may need aligning.  In addition I prefer low force techniques and find great results with practicing them. I’m lucky because I also live in one of the most beautiful places in world! Perth, Western Australia. We can exercise outdoors in every season and we have world class athletes in every sport.

I love what I do and I believe strongly in the unique services that I offer my patients.