Chronic Pain and Lemon

Reducing Chronic Pain and Lemon Water

Reducing chronic pain can be benefited with lemon water which can also encourage other additional health benefits.

Adding lemon to your daily nutritional intake has vital benefits to your health and chronic pain. Lemon water has the ability to help decrease the acidity in your body and helps remove uric acid from our system.

A major contributor to chronic pain is high levels of acidity in our body and the presence of uric acid in our joints. Furthermore lemon helps to reduce chronic pain by causing your blood vessels to relax and creating anti-inflammatory effects to your joints, this means that the sensation of pain you feel would be reduced and your chronic pain condition is manageable.

Chronic Pain and LemonA major factor for having chronic pain is the presence of toxins within our body. Toxins in our system causes inflammatory markers and cells to be present which influences our pain receptors particularly in our joints.

Lemon water helps flush out these toxins by enhancing enzyme function and stimulating your liver to work efficiently. This process ensures that your overall body is cleansed.

Lemon has additional health benefits for our body and one of them is to boost our immune system.

Lemon is a excellent and rich source of vitamin C, which is an essential nutrient that protects our body against immune system deficiencies. It prevents the growth of pathogens such as bacteria which cause infections and diseases.

If you feel like you a run down, under the weather with a cold, have a glass of lemon water to get you back on your feet. Lemon juice also encourages healthy digestion by removing toxins from our digestive tract, as a result it helps relieve symptoms of heartburn, indigestion and bloating.

We encourage you all to add some lemon into your diet!

Your best health is still ahead!

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